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Hochstuhl Music Blog - Review #006

Hochstuhl Music Blog
No. 006 - Hochstuhl Music Blog Review for Blue Helix

Beatdropjunkie (Hochstuhl Music Blog) Review #006

Artists: Blue Helix

Blue Helix is an independent Alternative Rock band based out of Washington State and formed in 2008. Following the hallowed footsteps of the 90's movement, their music is a perfect blend of melodic rock and powerful heavy grunge, on the cutting edge of modern rock with a uniquely potent blend of the core genre and its many sub-genres. Thriving on the energies and individual personalities of each member, Blue Helix reigns as a tribute both to its members' lives and to their vision. Winners of the 2015 Puget Sound Battle of the Bands, Blue Helix is Sami Chohfi (Guitar/Vocals), JC (Bass), Noah Phipps (Drums).

"MY FAVOURITE IS: Gimini!" words from: Beatdropjunkie 2016!

Beatdropjunkie (Hochstuhl Music Blog) REVIEW

Hello everybody my name is Rick (Beatdropjunkie) from Hochstuhl Music Blog, the band Blue Helix   have asked today for a review, on 25th Nov 2016.  I got today a really cool pack with photos and music. So I could make a really good picture of the guys. I was overwhelmed with countless information. Thanks first of all.

I've listened to all your songs from the pack. Technically, you sound like the best bands in the world in your genre. And this is a praise! The (instrument selection) sound selection of the individual songs I like very well. The guitar riffs are very good and strong, I love them. And the vocals are very powerful. The ballads are very nice. The speed of the interplay of the whole music is great. You will never be surprised during a transition in the song, the music is fluent and I love that. The vocal & lyrics are also implemented with much feeling and they interact perfect with the sounds of the songs. The vocal range in the mix is also exciting. And you´re right: MY FAVOURITE IS: Gimini!
review from Beatdropjunkie founder of hochstuhlmusicblog

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review kit from the artist:

Blue Helix Photo

End of the Review!

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