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Hochstuhl Music Blog - Review #005

Hochstuhl Music Blog
No. 005 - Hochstuhl Music Blog Review for Andrew Brady

Beatdropjunkie (Hochstuhl Music Blog) Review #005

Artists: Andrew Brady

Born in 1988 is a Irish singer & songrwriter. He released some songs till 2016.
"Andrew has one of the most extraordinary voices I've ever heard" words from: Beatdropjunkie 2016!

Beatdropjunkie (Hochstuhl Music Blog) REVIEW

Hello everybody my name is Rick (Beatdropjunkie) from Hochstuhl Music Blog, the singer & songwriter Andrew Brady  has asked today for a review, on 23rd Nov 2016. So I listen this evening to his music. I piked out the songs, A Man Who Drank Like Fish, Speed Camera, Noise, Winter Clothes.

First I have to say, Andrew has one of the most extraordinary voices I've ever heard and that definitely belongs to the beginning of this review. He is the man for the campfire, I see him on the old oak with a range of good friends. He makes the evening beautiful. When I hear his voice, I think of the Beatles. Beautiful and warm but also powerful.

It's a big step! But it will be worth it. The music I heard today was really cool. The ideas the lyrics have convinced me. And, of course, his voice creates the even campfire
review from Beatdropjunkie founder of hochstuhlmusicblog

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End of the Review!

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